About Us

We’re here to help.

There’s a reason why our logo looks like a Venn Diagram. It’s to always remind us why we do things the way we do.

Two entities coming together, sharing a common experience. The overlapping portion is where synergy lies

It’s where we meet you.

We strongly believe that your recovery should be a partnership of our clinical skills with your desire to help yourself.

It’s where art meets science.

We are guided by the scientific principles of evidence-based healthcare. Keeping up to date with the latest research is intrinsic to who we are as health practitioners.

But we also understand that there’s an art to what we do too.

The art of listening – hearing about how we can help you, and communicating back to you so that you know we’ve understood.

The art of touch – using our skills as practitioners to get your body back to doing what it loves to do.

The art of guidance – helping you realise your body’s incredible ability to become the best version of yourself.

At RehabLab Studio, we’re here to help you.

This philosophy is shared between us and our sister clinic BodyLab Health.