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Is Clinical Pilates good for you?

Is Clinical Pilates good for you? - RehabLab Studio

Pilates as a treatment and exercise style has grown significantly and lots of patients ask us what is best for them? Should I just be joining a class with other people or should I have a program written for me individually? Do I even need an individual program? 

Well, the answer is: what is your purpose in joining a pilates class? Let’s discuss the differences first. 

Clinical pilates

Clinical pilates is appropriate for everyone of all ages, your exercise program is tailored to your needs or specific condition, the classes are smaller and you have supervision while you move through your program by your osteopath, physiotherapist or exercise physiologist.


Larger scale pilates classes tend to be run by fitness or gym instructors and aren’t specifically designed for individuals. They are, however, fun and available for people at a lower price point! 

Anyone can do clinical pilates!

We manage all sorts of conditions such as pregnancy-related complaints, chronic pain, postural type pain, low back pain, strength deficits, and much more! If none of these fit you, but you just want to participate in a smaller group under supervision, then this will suit you too. 

Well how do I even get started? (You might be wondering!)

First of all we need all new clinical pilates clients to do a one on one assessment with one of our osteopaths to better understand your short and long term goals, and specific needs. We will go through the key elements of pilates: breathing, centering, rib cage placement, shoulder blade placement and head and neck positioning. 

If  you have any questions, please feel free to contact our osteopaths to find out more information, or email us at [email protected]